Wednesday, March 30, 2011

RE Visit

Today I finally got to see my RE.  I haven't seen him since January when I had my surgery.  Today my visit started with an endometrial biopy.  Let me tell you...that was not pleasant at all!  It was worse than the HSG.  It was 40 seconds of pure pain, cramps, and I shed a tear or two.  Needless to say, the Advil didn't work as expected.  So here is my new gameplan with my RE.  I will sit this cycle out.  My RE or my nurse will call me this Friday or Monday with my biopsy results.  If I happen to have some residual infection/inflammation going on, I will be back on an antibiotic and have another repeat biopsy...Let's hope it's all clear, I do not want to go through that again!  If I get the all clear, I start Follistim next cycle on CD 5-10 at 75 units.  I will continue with the HCG once I'm ready to ovulate and finish with the progesterone suppositories again.  The only downside to the Follistim is that I have to run to the RE office for an average of 2-4 monitoring appointments, but I have to do it so I don't run into any complications.  Thank goodness for sick and vacation time.  Once I go in for my final monitoring appointment, I will also do 1 post-coital test to see if the spermies are swimming without any problems.  My RE gave me 3-4 cycles on Follistim.  If there is no success, I will have the option of continuing with 1 or 2 more cycles of Follistim with a very low chance of anything happening OR I move onto IVF.  That is going to be a long conversation between me and Jim as well as my RE.  Hopefully it won't come down to that and my RE feels the same way.  He feels that I will benefit from the Follistim better than the Clomid. 

After my appointment today, I felt very hopeful and positive which has been a huge change in my attitude.  It also helped that I had a nice conversation with one of my co-workers on Monday.  Although are paths were different, our stories were oh so similar.  It was really nice to know someone who has been down the same road of disappointments, frustrations, and failed cycles of Clomid.  She now has two gorgeous newborn babies.  Thanks to her, she gave me back my positive thinking and gave me that spark of hope that I had lost a few months ago. 

At this time, I'm putting IVF in the back of my mind.  I'm not touching that with a 10 foot pole at this time.  I believe my time will come and my journey could be happening for a reason.  I know it is helping my with my tolerance, patience, and overall well-being both mentally and physically.  And I know because of my journey, I will be the best mother I can and want to be.

Now I'm off to another appointment.  Thanks for reading and enjoy the rest of the day!

Tuesday, March 22, 2011


Last night I knew AF was on its way.  Lo and behold guess who shows it's itself with full force?!  That's right!!  My bff AF.  Last month I did okay, but now I'm just getting angry.  I'm getting to the point of thinking that being pregnant and raising a child is not in my future.  I really can't take this anymore.  I really hope my RE has a new plan so I can get moving with this.  My 2011 baby is now gone but I'm trying to be hopeful for an early 2012 baby.  I guess this is good in a way (I'm trying to find a positive with this).  I have a little more time to get my weight down before a pregnancy AND before I start any fertility meds again. 

Time to get ready for work and push through the day without thinking about this.  It will be difficult though since I have to call my nurse and deal with AF all day.

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Rock N Roll on Saturday Night

S-A-T-U-R-D-A-Y! HEY!!  Last night was an awesome night.  I totally needed a night out like that.  Jim, some friends, and I went to Crocodile Rock and enjoyed 4 bands: Oceans Divide, Kopek, Egypt Central, and Cold.  I must say, that I was not a huge fan of this kind of music I'm more of a pop and pop/rock princess.  Thanks to my husband, I'm now enjoying it more especially Egypt Central.  I thought they were to hard rock for my taste until I saw them in concert.  Let me tell you...They put on a great show!! 

I also recommend checking out the two upcoming bands Oceans Divide and Kopek.  Kopek has a very unique sound that is really worth checking out.  In my opinion, their songs and sound keeps you wanting more.  Oceans Divide also has a great sound and puts on a great show. 

These bands are touring with Cold.  If they're in your area, you should definately check them out.

I have some new bands to add to my excited

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Weighing In....

I have been doing alot of thinking, and I feel that I need to vamp up my exercise regimen OR change my eating habits.  Well, I think it is more my eating habits than anything.  I think I need to store some healthy snacks in my desk instead of crap.  It would be so much better if it were warmer out.  I can at least go for a walk on my lunch breaks.  I need to get my butt in gear and work harder at this.  If only I could give up food for lent....

On a side note from my fatness.  This month is going too slow.  I wish March 30 would get here already so I can follow up with my RE.  I'm getting anxious here.  My nurse wants me to call her if AF doesn't show.  But like always, I'm sure the bitch will show herself.  So in the meantime I guess I'll call my insurance company to check on my injectable coverage.

Hope everyone had a great day!

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Gotta Love It....(I guess)

My grandmother is relentless!!!!  I was talking to my dad yesterday and he told me a pretty funny story about a phone call my gram received.  Apparently my gram got a call from a physician's office that Jim has a medical condition and a reminder to take his medication.  So my gram is freaking out about why she got a call about my husband, if he's ok, how bad is this particular problem, etc.  Here is problem #1: The doctors office that called apparently does not know too much about HIPPA and the phone.  I never leave any medical information on a persons answering machine (only if the person consents to it and their machine/voicemail confirms it is them).  Problem #2:  My husband and his grandfather have the same name.  His grandfather and my grandmother's phone numbers are similiar but in my opinion not that similiar to mess up....But hey that is just me.  Problem 2 is the reasoning why you don't leave any type of medical information on someone's answering never know if you have the wrong number.  Anyways, I definately know it was not my Jim because he has not been to our PCP in about 2 years and has not had any labs done.  I have to make him go to the doctor and make the appointments as well. 

Anyways....Here is why my grandmother is relentless.  I called her yesterday to just hear what the message said and to give her peace of mind.  Well she started with the baby stuff again.  Here's the conversation:  "Hi Gram, it's Amy".  Gram: "How are you?  What's new?"  Me: "Nothing's new.  I was just with Dad".  Gram:  "What do you mean nothing's new?"  Me:  "It's exactly what I mean.  Nothing's new."  Gram:  (disappointed  voice) "Oh you sounded happy and you called me so I thought you had good news".  She never gives up!  She complains if I don't call her often, she thinks I have "good" news if I call her.  At least I didn't get the I want another great-grandchild before I die speach.