Sunday, March 25, 2012

22 Week Update

How far along: 22 weeks, 3 days
Total weight gain/loss:  Total I would say 5 lbs.  
How big is Baby: Baby is about the size of a papaya

Maternity Clothes: Yup.  My jeans are still a bit big on me.  Just bought some shorts and capri's from a second hand store and still had their tags on!  Barely paid $40 for 6 items.  Now I need to bulk up on some t-shirts and tanks.  Next motherhood buy one get one free sale in 1 month
Sleep: Sleep is alright...some nights.  I'm having some really crazy dreams some nights which keep me from going back to sleep.  I'm also having at least 1 bathroom break a night.
Movement: Yes and it is amazing.  The last couple of days I've been noticing my stomach move with her kicks.  It's very alien like and I love it.  
Food cravings:  lately it has been oreos.  I've been craving oreos and milk.
Food aversions: none really.  I've been ok with fried foods now, but I try to stay away from it if I can...less aggravation
Gender: It's a girl.
Symptoms:  Some fatigue by the end of the day and slightly swollen ankles.  I've been getting more clumsy and forgetful as the weeks progress.  I broke another glass this weekend while I was doing the dishes.
Best moment this week:  Actually seeing movement.
What I am looking forward to:  I get to see her again in about 2 weeks for my fetal echo that my OB wanted me to have.  My family is planning a shower for May or early June and I can't wait.  Setting up her nursery, BUT we need to move out of it first.  Hopefully J gets our room finished by the end of May so we can begin setting her room up.

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Drum roll Please......

*Que the drums*.....

J and I are having a girl!!!  We are beyond thrilled.

The anatomy scan went very well yesterday.  Heart, brain, and all organs working very well.  We saw her arms, legs, fingers, and toes.  And I must say, I think we have a bit of a show off.  There were a few instances when the u/s was on her profile, she seemed to have a few "look mom and dad, see what I can do" moments.  She would grab at her feet and throw her feet above her head quite often.  It also took our technician awhile to get the "money shot".  Our girl kept her legs crossed throughout the beginning of the exam, trying to leave us in suspense a bit longer.  I'm starting to feel her becoming more active as time goes and night.  It's very exciting.

In a way I feel we are really lucky too.  A lot of friends are already offering to give us their baby stuff that they don't use anymore for their little girls.  A few of J's friends just had girls last year and my co-worker that I'm very close with.  So I feel that we will be saving a boat load of money, but that will be determined down the road.  The shocking news of all is that J wants to have another after this one.

So for a brief update.  I am 20 weeks and 2 days along...halfway there!  I still can't eat fried foods, I still get sick.  I'm starting to feel more movement now.  My navel is getting shallower.  I feel that I don't really have any cravings...ok I lie.  The news had a segment on oreo's 100th anniversary and I had a sudden craving for them.  So while I was grocery shopping today, I bought some double stuffed.

Profile with legs crossed

Right Foot

Stretching her neck

This is where she throws her feet over her head

Monday, March 5, 2012

Gender Prediction

So everyone has been having some fun guessing what I am having.  At this time, odds are favoring a boy with only a few people guessing a girl.  I'll be happy either way as long as it's healthy and has 10 fingers/toes.  Here is a gender prediction list of how some people are basing their prediction.

I will be having a boy because I am carrying a bit low, craving sour and salty foods, my body does not look like I'm pregnant from the back, I've been very clumsy, little to no morning sickness, I've been happier since the second trimester, have been getting a lot of headaches

I will be having a girl because I am craving fruit/fruit juices, dreaming of a boy, my body does not look like I'm pregnant from the back, I was moody in the first trimester

Both the Chinese Gender Chart and the Mayan Tale predict a boy.  For kicks and giggles, I took a little gender prediction quiz and I was 60/40% favoring a girl.

These past couple of weeks have gone by so quickly and I have been extremely excited.  We can't wait until this Friday to actually find out.

Saturday, March 3, 2012

19 Week Update

How far along: 19 weeks, 2 days
Total weight gain/loss:  -1 to 1 lb.  Still really not gaining or loosing weight.  
How big is Baby: Baby is about the size of a mango

Maternity Clothes: Yup.  My jeans are still a bit big on me.  I need to stalk up again on some t-shirts, tanks, capris, shorts, and skirts 
Sleep: Sleep is alright.  I wake up hear and there, but I still feel like I get a full nights sleep.
Movement: Still don't think so.  I have felt some things the past couple days, but I don't think it was movement just yet
Food cravings:  fruit, milk, chocolate
Food aversions: still fried foods...  
Gender: We find out 3/9/12!!!  FRIDAY!!!
Symptoms: No more symptoms.  I do get fatigued during the day, but that's about it.  Oh and I've noticed more clumsiness and forgetfulness.
Best moment this week:  My bump is getting bigger and Friday is just around the corner
What I am looking forward to: Seeing baby next again in March, finding out the sex, and feeling movement.