Friday, November 23, 2012


I'm pleased to report that weaning Amaya from swaddling has been a success.  She actually loved it.  She loved being able to stretch and not be constricted.  I still swaddle from the waist down just for warm.  Because I stopped swaddling, the very next day she started rolling over unassisted!!  Now she can' get enough of it.  She even does it in her sleep and freaks herself out.  We also discovered that she is a side sleeper.  If she's still semi-awake in her crib, she'll roll to her side and pass right out!!  Next feat... hopefully solids next month.

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Unswaddling Trial

I've been swaddling Amaya since the day she was born.  And honestly, the SwaddleMe was one of my favorite items.  She slept soundly, didn't cry when swaddled, and never broke out of it....until recently.  Recently, Amaya has been giving me cues she is ready to be unswaddled.  She has been freaking out when I tighten the swaddle.  So last week, I have been loosening it up.  When I loosened her up, she broke free and it woke her up.  Last night, I decided to wean her since she has been freaking out over anything confining.  I put her to bed a little before 9 pm and tried with one arm out.  That didn't work so well.  She slept soundly until 11:30 pm and then woke me up with this piercing scream.  She tried to get her right arm out and it got stuck.  Her arm was half way out of her pj sleeve and the swaddle.  I fixed her up, rocked her, and left both arms out.  She slept much better.  She slept from 11:45 pm to 3:30 am and then woke up.  I left her cry a bit to see if she'd go back to sleep, but she didn't she was hungry.  I did a quick feed and she was back out.  I actually had to wake her up this morning at 6:15 to get ready.  All in all, the first night wasn't bad.  I hope tonight will be better and we work our way back to STTN!

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Pumping at Work

Up until last week, pumping at work has been going fairly well.  There are times when I am only able to pump once during the work day, but so far I haven't noticed a dip in my supply nor have I had to use my freezer stash.  I normally get to use one of our rooms that has a lock on it, other days I use empty patient rooms.  Never have I had a walk in....until Thursday.  One of my doctors walked in on me.  He didn't see much but was really embarrassed.  I knew it was only a matter of time.

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Weathering the Storm

That was a crazy storm!!!  Monday wasn't bad with the rain as predicted, but the wind was pretty bad.  J and I didn't think Sandy was going to bring the punch we thought it would.  Well we were wrong...  Monday we both went into work and Amaya went to daycare.  We figured we'd play it by ear as best as we could since they predicted by evening we'd get hit.  Well I got sent home at 11:30 and J wasn't to far behind me.  The winds slowly picked up but nothing we haven't seen before.  We thought nothing of it.  We then lost power at 10:00 pm Monday night and didn't get it back until last night.  Tuesday we definitely roughed it.  We made coffee and speghettios on the grill.  For dinner we went out and got a pizza.  We kept calling our electric company for updates and kept getting pushed back hours until we got power.

Amaya did really well.  I thought she'd have a fit.  She loved it!!  We have a fireplace and that was all she can keep her eyes on.  She also found her shadow and tried to play with it.  The only time she really cried was Tuesday morning because she was cold.  So i got her and brought her into bed with us to keep her warm.

Thankfully the power came on because there are a few sections in our place that won't get power back until this weekend or next week.  My parents also lost the shingles off their roof causing a mess in their home.  Hopefully they get that fixed soon.  We're suppose to get a nor'easter next week.

Here is a picture of Amaya during our power outage.