Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Nine Months

Ooops...I haven't updated since month 7.  I have been super busy with work and ave been working late.  Amaya is getting so big and smart.  She figures out things so quickly, it's amazing!  She loves to eat.  Her diet is pretty widespread now.  The only thing I can say she is not a fan of is eggs.  She'll eat a few spoonfuls and then be done with it.  But she does loves her fruits and vegetables.  I have been able to get very creative with her meals and she has been loving it.  Amaya is also drinking from her sippy cup so much better now...more goes in than spills out of her mouth.  I still nurse about 4-5 times a day when I have her at home.  During the work week 3-4 times per day (morning before I get her up, during lunch, and at night).  Pumping has been a bit difficult anymore.  It seems that I don't get much out the sessions any more.  I think I may bet too use to the pump it my motor may be going.  

Amaya finally learned to crawl Sunday night!!  This girl is backwards.  She walked first, with out assistance, and then learns to crawl.  J believes she is saying dada.  I think she is still babbling...but it could very well be dada since she says it when looking at him, but she does that when looking at me.

She still loves daycare.  Loves the kids and her teacher.  She could care less when I leave her behind. I have been blessed to find a great daycare facility.

We are also back to sleeping through the night, unless she is teething.  There have only been a few instances where I had to get up and rock her back to sleep.  And we have 2 bottom teeth.

Next follow up with the pediatrician is in 2 weeks.

Friday, March 1, 2013

7 month update

Where does this time go!!  Amaya is now 7 months old.  Today she had a well visit and is in the 95% for her height and head circumference, her weight is 75%.  She is 17 lbs and 7.5 oz, 27 1/4 in ling, and her head is 17 1/4 in.  Her ped s er pleased with her development.  We also got the ok to add eggs  and seafood to her diet.  I think we will stick to fruits and veggies for a bit longer.

Amaya loves to eat!!  She loves her fruits and veggies, especially oatmeal and bananas mixed.  She wasn't to thrilled with avocado, green beans, and white potatoe.  She tries to drink from her zippy cup.  She doesn't get much out, but she still tries.  This weekend I'm going to buy teething biscuits at the suggestion from her ped.  He said it's a good treat and will help her learn to chew.

So far no teeth yet.  Her bottom front two are cutting through, not much longer now.  She's trying to crawl as well.  She gets up on her hands and knees, but doesn't know where to go from there.  She'll rock like she's ready to move, but will plop own on her stomach.  She's a roller though.  That is her mode of transportation for now.

And for the best part....we are back to sleeping through the night!!!

Saturday, February 23, 2013

Sick Again...

So Amaya has been sick again.  I kind of saw it coming, but I was crossing my fingers.  A few of the kids in day care were sent home with fevers last week.  Guess what Amaya got on Sunday?!?  Fever, runny nose, dry cough....On Sunday her fever got as high as 102.1 and then it was bouncing back and forth from a high 100 to a high 101.  Sunday and Mid Monday I was doing strictly Tylenol, just 1.25 mL.  Called our ped Monday afternoon since her fever was not breaking.  He told us to alternate 2.25 mL of Tylenol and 1.25 mL of Motrin every 4 hours.  Doing that combination helped, her fever finally broke Monday night.  Tuesday my aunt kept her since she was not allowed back into day care.  She was completely better, with the head cold of course.  She still has it, but is getting least her fever is gone.  I can deal with sniffles.

Monday, January 28, 2013

6 Months

Amaya is now 6 months old!!  Holy cow!!!  Everyday it seems like she gets bigger and bigger.  She had a couple good colds during her fifth month, one leading us to her ped for a sick visit.  She is still an excellent nurser and takes bottles really well at day care.  I still plan on nursing as long as I can since it is going so well.  Maybe when her teeth actually come in I will start weaning...

Amaya loves solids!  She was getting bored with her oatmeal so we moved to veggies and fruit.  She loved sweet potatoes and bananas and tolerated zucchini and squash.  Soon we'll be trying apples, peas, and green beans.  She is still only once a day during dinner time, but soon I will be doing twice a day.

She is getting more active all around.  She is becoming such a husband is insisting she is saying dadda.  She also kind of stopped that growling thing she did.  Amaya loves to be on her feet standing, bouncing, or jumping.  She's also trying to crawl, but not going anywhere.  Her legs move, but she puts her arms out to her sides.  She loves, loves, loves bath time.  Now, she's kicking up a storm and splashing all over the place.

Right after Christmas, we bought her a ton of books.  She loves to be read to, especially her princess book she got for Christmas.  She still loves Elmo and Spongebob.  There isn't too much that she hates really.

I'll have to post a pic when I get home from work and from the computer.  Having figured it out from the iPad yet

Wednesday, January 23, 2013


Good news!  No pink eye, but she has a bad sinus infection/head cold at least there is not a fever.  I'm going to go into too much information here.  The mucous is so backed up it is in her tear ducts and ears.  It is even coming out of her eyes.  My poor girls eyes and face are soo puffy.  I can see how it got confused with pink eye, but the whites of her eyes weren't pink.  Our ped gave us antibiotic drops just in case.  He wants the infection to run its course for at least another day or two, keep her eyes clean with a warm compress, aspirate her nose, and use a humidifier at night.  If she gets a fever, ear pain, pain in general,  or her eye turns pink then we fill the drops and call him back for another appointment.  She's allowed back into day care, but I feel she should stay home and rest for a day maybe two.

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Our First Sick Visit

I had a feeling that I would get a call from day care today, but I was praying I wouldn't.  Amaya's eyes have been a bit puffy since yesterday.  We put it in the back of our head that he might have pink eye, but was hoping that she just had a bad head cold.  Well today day care called and told me she had to be picked up.  My little bug couldn't even open her eyes.  So we have a date with the ped at 3:20 this afternoon.  I'm extremely curious as to how much I'm going to pay for this since my insurance plan change drastically.  We need to pay our deductible first before  100% coverage for any non preventative appointments.  So much for no sick visits.  Tis the season I guess, and I'm thankful that it's nothing serious.  So since I have the afternoon off, I've been cleaning up my messy house, getting the dishes done, figured out dinner, stripped everything that came into contact with her AND her face, and wiped down her exersaucer.  Now all I need to do is find care for the next couple of days...

Saturday, December 29, 2012

4 & 5 month update

with my sisters,BIL, and niece

with Godparents

Wow has it been awhile since I last posted.  It has been really crazy with the holidays and J being away on business a lot.

Amaya is really  It seems that every time I blink, she's bigger!  She is still a really good baby.  She's not really a fussy girl, only gets loud when she's hungry.  Her hair is getting a bit lighter and her eyelashes are so long and gorgeous.  She did excellent at her 4 month well visit...only crying a bit for her shots.  Amaya is now 26 inches long and 15lbs.  Her ped is guessing she will be around 5'7" tall when she's older (this was based on both J and my height).  She loved Christmas.  By the end of the day, she actually tried to open presents.  Oh, to go back a few weeks, we also had her baptized.  She did great and didn't cry.   We have also come to realize that she is camera shy.  She doesn't mind getting her picture taken, but she'll turn away or stop smiling.
She is on the verge of crawling too.  She scouts around a lot when she's on her belly.  It won't be long now.  The ped also gave us the go ahead on solids at her 4 month appointment.  She's doing rather well.  We are starting her on oatmeal for a couple weeks then move to a vegetable.

What she loves:
-sleeping on her belly
-car rides change there
-toys...especially anything with lights and sounds
-sponge bob and Sesame Street
-bath time... She loves to splash around
-our fireplace
-her exersaucer
-blowing raspberries
-oddly enough her vitamin d drops

What she hates:
-her car seat
-her swing.. Doesn't really hate it, but doesn't want to be in it long
-the aspirator.. Another cold and the sucker is being used again
-bed/nap time when there are people n the house