Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Nine Months

Ooops...I haven't updated since month 7.  I have been super busy with work and ave been working late.  Amaya is getting so big and smart.  She figures out things so quickly, it's amazing!  She loves to eat.  Her diet is pretty widespread now.  The only thing I can say she is not a fan of is eggs.  She'll eat a few spoonfuls and then be done with it.  But she does loves her fruits and vegetables.  I have been able to get very creative with her meals and she has been loving it.  Amaya is also drinking from her sippy cup so much better now...more goes in than spills out of her mouth.  I still nurse about 4-5 times a day when I have her at home.  During the work week 3-4 times per day (morning before I get her up, during lunch, and at night).  Pumping has been a bit difficult anymore.  It seems that I don't get much out the sessions any more.  I think I may bet too use to the pump it my motor may be going.  

Amaya finally learned to crawl Sunday night!!  This girl is backwards.  She walked first, with out assistance, and then learns to crawl.  J believes she is saying dada.  I think she is still babbling...but it could very well be dada since she says it when looking at him, but she does that when looking at me.

She still loves daycare.  Loves the kids and her teacher.  She could care less when I leave her behind. I have been blessed to find a great daycare facility.

We are also back to sleeping through the night, unless she is teething.  There have only been a few instances where I had to get up and rock her back to sleep.  And we have 2 bottom teeth.

Next follow up with the pediatrician is in 2 weeks.

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