Saturday, November 27, 2010

Another BFN...

So I had tested Wednesday, Friday, and today...It's official I am not pregnant.  Friday was the worst.  I had cried for almost 2 hours straight.  I guess I was hopeful that I "blossomed" late and would see at least a faint line confirming my convictions.  No such luck.  About a month ago, I had my mind set on taking December off to give myself a mental break.  As usual, I had changed my mind.  My RE wants me to do 5 cycles of Clomid.  Well December will bring me to my final attempt with this medication.  I figured if December wasn't my lucky month then I can start new in January.  Ring in the new year with new fertility medication.  At this point I'm giving up hope with Clomid.  It worked great for the most part...I began ovulating sooner (I was normally ovulating on CD 18 or 20), my follies have begun to reach maturity, and my hormones have begun to stabilize.  So, if the Clomid fails yet again I will be moving on to all injectables.  The good news about that is there is a higher success rate with pregnancy.  Also a higher rate of multiples.  I'm definately open to that, anything more than twins will make me extrememly nervous and increase my anxiety level. 

If my luck wasn't bad kickboxing today I think I may have torn something in my shoulder.  Awesome!  I'll have to have one of my docs look at it when I'm at work.  Hopefully it's nothing that rest, ice, and ibuprofen can't cure.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

A Breath of Fresh Air

So this week of work has been nothing but a breath of fresh air.  After weeks of being buried in paperwork and rushing to get work done at the last minute I can officially say that I am caught up.  I had no idea I was that far behind on EVERYTHING!!!  Just need to get my mid December surgeries out and begin my total joint scheduling for January.  All I need to worry about in the mean time are my medical clearances, authorizations, and getting the surgeries to the hospitals and facilities.  It was so nice to end my work days with zero stress and zero worries.  No worrying if I did this, did I forget to do this, did I send this, did this doctor sign that....The picture below says it all (if I had a window).

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Now I can sit back a coast the rest of the week and possibly next week.  I'm predicting next week won't be too bad due to Thanksgiving and Black Friday.  Thankfully we're closed and I'll have a nice long weekend.

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Another 2 ww.....

Well I am officially in yet another 2 ww.  I hope everything works out this time.  Now that I think of it....if this does stick I would be due in August!  Which is the month we were married!  Ugh that would be a wonderful gift.  Like my other cycles, I'm not getting my hopes up.  Hopefully I will return with good news in 2 weeks!

Friday, November 12, 2010

Monitoring Appt

Today I had my monitoring appointment for my fourth cycle of clomid.  Everything seemed good.  My largest folli was on the left and measured at 28.  I had about 4 on my right but were unmeasurable.  Bloodwork looked good so I'm hoping for the best this cycle.  Despite all the good news I got, I got a little upset at my RE's office for the first time.  My RE nurse had to draw my blood since the lab tech was having difficulty with another patient.  Well mt nurse was brutal on me.  She started out good, but I think she went too deep because the blood stopped flowing.  Once that was resolved, I got another shock..My nurse told me my follies were only 11 and that I would need to come back on Monday.  I didn't think to question her because I thought that I didn't hear the u/s tech right.  So on my way back into work I got a call to come back to the office and pick up my HCG since mine won't be in until tomorrow.  Thankfully I was only 5 minutese from the office.  I do have about a 1 1/2 hour commute.  Here's to a "positive" cycle.


Thursday, November 4, 2010

Here We Go Again....

So tonight I started my fourth round of clomid.  I'm really hoping this is the cycle.  I still need to call in my other meds to my pharmacy, but there is still time for that.  Next Friday I go into my RE's office for my monitoring u/s and blwk.  More fun.....I still need to get my blood drawn to check my prolactin level.  At least my busy tasks have been working to keep my mind busy.