Tuesday, February 22, 2011

So I Prayed..

So I prayed to the period gods and it came this morning.  YIPPEE!  Well I guess it's good since I'm a couple days late with a BFN.  So I called my nurse at my RE's office and I go into see them March 30 for my appointment and biopsy.  Hope all goes well and we can move on.    hmm..Maybe if I pray to the pregnancy gods something will happen....probably another period since that is all I seem to get.  Well that or something else that delays my progression with my treatments.  Well at least I have 1 more month of a break to gain my sanity until all hell breaks loose with the treatments again.  I'm sure we'll definately be moving onto injectables and that requires more monitoring appointments for me.  YAY!  So I guess I should vamp up my exercise regimen so I can lose some more lbs before I put the weight back on from the fertility drugs.

Monday, February 21, 2011

My Blog

Sorry for the craziness everyone....I'm revamping my blog so it's under construction at the moment!

AF...where are you?

I'm 1 day late and that has never happened on an unmedicated cycle.  At least I didn't get my hopes up this time.  I did decide to test, but as I suspected it was a BFN.  I must say I took it better than I did the medicated cycles.  I'm still disappointed don't get me wrong, just not emotionally crushed this time.  Now I just need to wait for my friend to show up so I can call my RE and report it.  I then get to see him in March for another biopsy.  Hopefully my infection cleared up and my inflammation is gone so that I can move on with treatments.  I guess I can say goodbye to having a 2011 baby.  I guess I'll shoot for 2012 now. 

I guess I should get out of bed and get ready for work.  Well I need to figure out how to get work.  We have heavy snowfall here in NEPA and of course the office that I need to drive to today will be difficult to get to...no matter which way I take.  I guess I will attempt the drive and maybe take a vacation day. 

Monday, February 14, 2011

Tonight I Got......A little rant

"You're trying to hard" from my grandmother.  First from my mother now my grandmother.  To start my gram decides to call me without her hearing aid in.  So I have to shout into the phone and she still doesn't understand me.  So we began to talk about work.  She asked how I was and I replied "stressed and tired".  She goes and says "Oh, you're just trying to hard.  I think you're talking about what I'm thinking about".  I automatically knew she was talking about my TTC because that is all she talks about with me.  I got automatically offended.  I replied "No, I'm talking about work not getting pregnant"  WTF.  Since when does saying you're stressed and tired correlate with TTGP?!  I'm glad I got that cleared up.  Here I thought that it was work and lack of sleep that was causing this.  Geez, if it's not when are you going to get pregnant it's you're trying to hard.  Stick with a comment people!!!  My body must be getting confused because everyone is sending me mixed signals.  Please make up your minds so I can tell my body.  Ok....yeah...thanks....

Monday, February 7, 2011

Is Winter Over Yet?

Boy do I love (insert sarcasm) NEPA weather....This is my backyard and it's nothing but a sheet of ice.  My poor dog hates it!  And we're suppose to get more this week.  My patients tell me it will be the storm of the winter...ok we'll see, they've been saying that the past few storms we've had.

I'd rather be in St. Lucia soaking up the warmth and the sun!