Saturday, December 29, 2012

4 & 5 month update

with my sisters,BIL, and niece

with Godparents

Wow has it been awhile since I last posted.  It has been really crazy with the holidays and J being away on business a lot.

Amaya is really  It seems that every time I blink, she's bigger!  She is still a really good baby.  She's not really a fussy girl, only gets loud when she's hungry.  Her hair is getting a bit lighter and her eyelashes are so long and gorgeous.  She did excellent at her 4 month well visit...only crying a bit for her shots.  Amaya is now 26 inches long and 15lbs.  Her ped is guessing she will be around 5'7" tall when she's older (this was based on both J and my height).  She loved Christmas.  By the end of the day, she actually tried to open presents.  Oh, to go back a few weeks, we also had her baptized.  She did great and didn't cry.   We have also come to realize that she is camera shy.  She doesn't mind getting her picture taken, but she'll turn away or stop smiling.
She is on the verge of crawling too.  She scouts around a lot when she's on her belly.  It won't be long now.  The ped also gave us the go ahead on solids at her 4 month appointment.  She's doing rather well.  We are starting her on oatmeal for a couple weeks then move to a vegetable.

What she loves:
-sleeping on her belly
-car rides change there
-toys...especially anything with lights and sounds
-sponge bob and Sesame Street
-bath time... She loves to splash around
-our fireplace
-her exersaucer
-blowing raspberries
-oddly enough her vitamin d drops

What she hates:
-her car seat
-her swing.. Doesn't really hate it, but doesn't want to be in it long
-the aspirator.. Another cold and the sucker is being used again
-bed/nap time when there are people n the house