Saturday, November 19, 2011

Song of the Week

This week is LMFAO- Sexy and I Know It.  This song and video is just hilarious.  I love it.

Monday, November 14, 2011

It's Been Awhile...

Since I did a IF post.  Every 3 months I do a Prolactin level follow up.  About 1 and a half weeks ago, I went and got my levels drawn.  My level was slightly low at 3.3.  So that means I'm getting too much medication again.  So my RE has me taking me Parlodel Monday through Friday.  No more Sunday dose.  I do a repeat Prolactin  next week before the holidays.  Hopefully it's back to where it needs to be.  I don't like playing the Prolactin level game.

Thursday, November 10, 2011


I can't believe they fired Joe Pa!  The guy said he was retiring at the end of the season, why not let him finish it out.  So after much discussion at work, he did all he was suppose to do but he should have followed up with it.  I spoke with one of my patients who is a PA State Trooper, and he said what he did was right.  AND the eye witness should have gone to the police and report it.  Paterno didn't cover up anything.  Not too many coaches would turn in their friends like that.  Now they're talking about removing his statue from Happy Valley?!?  This is too much.  Sorry for the ramblings.  Now instead of leaving as the winningest coaches in history, he's forced out and known for this.

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Way to End Your Career!

So Penn State University is in some deep stuff here.  One of the football program's former coaches, Jerry Sandusky, has been arrested for over 40 counts of sexual abuse of young boys over a 15 year period.  Four of those years were during his PSU coaching career.  So it seems that Joe Pa will be forced out of his job by the end of this week!  So we'll see if he'll be at the last home game on Saturday.  Now to me, the way to end a 40+ year coaching career at PSU would to obviously leave with a winning season and go to a bowl game.  Not be forced out from a scandal.  Now who knows how much Paterno really knew and what actions he really took.  It is said that he reported it to university officials so proper actions could take place.  Why didn't Joe Pa just call the police himself?  Were the sexual abuse allegations ignored on all ends (Paterno, Univ. President, Athletic Director)?  No one really knows, but a lot of lives are ruined because of this sick man.  Children were unfairly being taken advantage of, their innocence was taken, and are suffering from psychological damage.  People being forced out of jobs...The university president may also be forced out of his position as well.  The athletic director and a vice president were forced out and have perjury charges against them.  However, if these allegations were ignored then they all need to lose their positions and re-evaluate all of their actions.  This guy has been reports quite a bit and nothing happened.  Even with eye witnesses, nothing happened.  Why?!

I can't even begin to imagine what parents are feeling right now and questions that may be crossing their my child safe; is my child being protected; has my child been unfairly taken advantage of?  Parents need to believe and have a sense of comfort that when their child goes away to school that they are being watched upon and kept safe.  Because of this whole PSU ordeal, I'm sure there are many parents wondering and worrying about their child in ways they thought they'd never have to.

Sunday, November 6, 2011


Yesterday was a gorgeous day so I skipped my kickboxing class and went for a hike with J.  Our hike was approximately 5.5-6 miles on a small portion of the Appalachian trail near our home.  The hike was a bit treacherous with the rocky terrain, but it was nice.  Here are a couple pics from yesterday.

Me and J at one of our stops

Me starting my trek across "Knife Edge"

Overlook at our final destination