Thursday, September 27, 2012


I think my daughter may be a zombie.  Have you ever seen those zombie movies and watched them attack?  Picture that as a baby.  Last night I got a couple videos of J holding her while she attacks his hands.  It's hilarious!

Monday, September 24, 2012

2 Months Old

My little bug is growing up way too fast.  I can't believe it is 2 months already.  She just got over a little cold from last week, but is still a bit congested.

What She Loves:
-Attention:  I don't think she will outgrow this.  I think it will only get worse.
-Swing/Bouncy Chair:  She still naps in them which is wonderful for me to complete housework, workouts, and showers.
-Sesame Street:  She loves the characters and the voices, especially Elmo.  She has the biggest smile when he's on.  We have Sesame Street on you tube on our favorites for quick access.
-Bath Time:  She actually loves this now.  She loves it when I fill her tub with the lavender soap for her to smell.
-Baby Talk:  This helps us get through diaper changes.  She smiles every time.  I'm not sure if she really likes it or thinks we're goofy doing it.
-Humming On Her Feet:  I think it tickles her and she likes it.  She'll keep stretching her feet out for more.
-Car Rides:  She's out like a light every time.
-Music:  It relaxes her, especially at night.  I'll play her Baby classical DVDs for her bed feedings and it helps her sleep...and stay asleep.
-Cuddles:  She is a cuddler.  Put her chest to chest and she cuddles.

What She Doesn't Like:
-TummyTime:  She's getting better with it, but still is not found of it.  I think she's a rock star at it, but she doesn't believe me.
-Dinner Time:  She hates when Mommy has dinner...or any other meal for that fact.  I pop her in her swing just to get 5 min of food.
-Aspirator:  With her congestion we got good use out of it and the saline.  She was mad at me after that.

-She smiles...a lot.  I love it.
-She finally takes the bottle.  We're still not at 4 oz just yet, but very close.
-She found her feet.  Friday night after her jammies were on and we were relaxing in the living room, she kept throwing herself forward on my lap to touch her feet.  It was hilarious.
-We had a full week of STTN!  It was heaven.  It may have been because she was sick, but I'll take it.

Monday, September 17, 2012

All Clear

For the past few weeks, Amaya has had baby acne and cradle cap.  Well we also figured out that along with the acne she had a horrible case of eczema all over her body.  My poor baby, no wonder why she was moody.  Her acne and eczema have cleared up but still has a small amount of cradle cap left.  What has been helping with that is putting baby oil on her scalp, then taking a cotton ball, massaging it all around, leaving it sit for 10 min while I bathe her, and then washing the oil out of her hair.  I have also been combing and brushing her hair multiple times a day which helps loosen and getting rid of the grossness.  For her skin, Baby Aveeno has been a miracle.  I bathed her in the soothing wash every other day and lathered her in the eczema cream 2-3 times a day.  I can't believe the difference I saw in a matter of a day!


4 days of Aveeno
9 days of Aveeno

Thursday, September 13, 2012

You're Billing Me For What?!?

So a few days ago, I received another explanation of benefits for Amaya.  I was not shocked since I'm still waiting on our official hospital statements for filing.  I quickly looked at it, not expecting anything unusual, and placed it on the table.  As I was walking away, the thought occurred to me that something wasn't right.  I headed back to the table to look at it again and realized I was billed a circumcision!!!  My daughter better not have had one done.  The last time I checked, she didn't have "equipment".  This procedure was billed the day we were both discharged and by a doctor I have never met.  So I had to make a few phone insurance company got a good laugh out of it.  Well, I'm glad someone did because I'm not sure who to be pissed at: my peds office (since it was one of their doctors), the hospital, or insurance company (since that should have been flagged for the procedure, she's a female).  I understand billing errors happen, but how can this happen.  

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Tough Couple of Days

Amaya has been very fussy the past couple of days.  I haven't not been able to get anything done around the house.  She constantly wants to be held and refuses to be put down.  I've been fearful at night because I didn't know if she would keep it up.  Thankfully she's been sleeping 4.5-5.5 hours each of these nights.

On the bright side, baby acne is slowly clearing up and she is slowly starting to take the bottle.  It took a few different kinds of bottles for her to actually take it.  The winner is Playtex Ventaire bottle.  I think the key was the nipple.  With this bottle, the nipple allowed for a really slow flow.  She's still not up for a full feeding from the bottle yet, but at least she is starting.

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Trials and Tribulations

Amaya had her follow up with her pediatrician on Friday and is growing like a weed.  She is now 10 lbs 4 oz and 23 inches long.  She does have a case of baby acne and cradle cap (or as I like to call it cradle crap).  Old wives tales say that breast milk helps get rid of the acne, but it hasn't done much for my little bug.  So my sister told me to try baby powder on her face.  Just put a bit in your hand and rub it on her face with your fingers.  Well, that actually worked.  It's not gone, but there is a noticeable difference.  Her face isn't as blotchy and the acne seems to be slowly decreasing.  With tonight's bath, I'm going to try baby oil for the cradle cap to see if that helps.

We also started to introduce Amaya to bottles on Friday.  This is not going well at all.  She'll take a little bit when J feeds her, but refuses when I do.  Which sucks because J is away on business for the next couple of days and she still needs to practice.  So we'll keep at it without daddy home.

On a positive note, she is now starting to smile with our interactions with her.  Which just melts my heart when I see her smile while awake.  Her nighttime sleeping has been getting better.....some nights.

Sorry this is so short today, but she has been very grutsy and has not napped for more than 45 minutes today.  Hopefully more to come soon.