Monday, January 28, 2013

6 Months

Amaya is now 6 months old!!  Holy cow!!!  Everyday it seems like she gets bigger and bigger.  She had a couple good colds during her fifth month, one leading us to her ped for a sick visit.  She is still an excellent nurser and takes bottles really well at day care.  I still plan on nursing as long as I can since it is going so well.  Maybe when her teeth actually come in I will start weaning...

Amaya loves solids!  She was getting bored with her oatmeal so we moved to veggies and fruit.  She loved sweet potatoes and bananas and tolerated zucchini and squash.  Soon we'll be trying apples, peas, and green beans.  She is still only once a day during dinner time, but soon I will be doing twice a day.

She is getting more active all around.  She is becoming such a husband is insisting she is saying dadda.  She also kind of stopped that growling thing she did.  Amaya loves to be on her feet standing, bouncing, or jumping.  She's also trying to crawl, but not going anywhere.  Her legs move, but she puts her arms out to her sides.  She loves, loves, loves bath time.  Now, she's kicking up a storm and splashing all over the place.

Right after Christmas, we bought her a ton of books.  She loves to be read to, especially her princess book she got for Christmas.  She still loves Elmo and Spongebob.  There isn't too much that she hates really.

I'll have to post a pic when I get home from work and from the computer.  Having figured it out from the iPad yet

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