Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Our First Sick Visit

I had a feeling that I would get a call from day care today, but I was praying I wouldn't.  Amaya's eyes have been a bit puffy since yesterday.  We put it in the back of our head that he might have pink eye, but was hoping that she just had a bad head cold.  Well today day care called and told me she had to be picked up.  My little bug couldn't even open her eyes.  So we have a date with the ped at 3:20 this afternoon.  I'm extremely curious as to how much I'm going to pay for this since my insurance plan change drastically.  We need to pay our deductible first before  100% coverage for any non preventative appointments.  So much for no sick visits.  Tis the season I guess, and I'm thankful that it's nothing serious.  So since I have the afternoon off, I've been cleaning up my messy house, getting the dishes done, figured out dinner, stripped everything that came into contact with her AND her face, and wiped down her exersaucer.  Now all I need to do is find care for the next couple of days...

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