Wednesday, January 23, 2013


Good news!  No pink eye, but she has a bad sinus infection/head cold at least there is not a fever.  I'm going to go into too much information here.  The mucous is so backed up it is in her tear ducts and ears.  It is even coming out of her eyes.  My poor girls eyes and face are soo puffy.  I can see how it got confused with pink eye, but the whites of her eyes weren't pink.  Our ped gave us antibiotic drops just in case.  He wants the infection to run its course for at least another day or two, keep her eyes clean with a warm compress, aspirate her nose, and use a humidifier at night.  If she gets a fever, ear pain, pain in general,  or her eye turns pink then we fill the drops and call him back for another appointment.  She's allowed back into day care, but I feel she should stay home and rest for a day maybe two.

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